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Brazil customer placed an order of 1400mm 3LPE coating line

Company News Responsible editor: Dana.Dai Popularity: 1435 August 31,2018

Yesterday Brazil customer placed to Qingdao Huashida an order of 3LPE coating line to process steel pipe ranging from 600-1422mm. 

The customer compared with three companies, finally decided to cooperate with Huashida. They visited one of Huashida customers who bought 3LPE coating line last year, and makes similar diameter pipes and is satisfied with machine performance. 

Huashida  3LPE coating line is designed by engineers having tens of years experience in steel pipe coating industry, combined with international advanced technology(CRC, B&L) . It is green environment friendly equipment, with advantages of high degree automation, stably performance, large capacaity, and reliable quality, has won praise of many customers home and abroad. 

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