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Pipeline Anticorrosion Thermal Insulation Pipe production line MACHINERY MANUFACTURER

Huashida is a Chinese base for making preinsulation pipe machine.

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Huashida is a Chinese base for producing preinsulated pipe production lines. The first provincial-level enterprise (set) in Shandong with a one-step spray winding pre-insulation production line of 508-1880mm. We have maintained close contact with research institutes such as the New Materials Research Institute of the Ministry of Construction, Beijing University of Chemical Technology, and Qingdao University of Science and Technology. We have established an industry education integration platform with the School of Civil Engineering at Qingdao University of Technology, and established a college student training base at Huashida. In the integration of industry and education, Huashida has undertaken advanced processes, formulas, and new materials researched by the school, and transformed them into products for market promotion. At the same time, we will provide more convenient conditions for school students to carry out scientific research, innovation and entrepreneurship, and will impart the company's successful experience and technology in the research and development and manufacturing of plastic pipeline equipment and plastic product production to students without reservation, improving their understanding and laying a solid foundation for their future work and entrepreneurship. The school has scientific research resources, teaching resources, and student resources. Enterprises have advantages in technology research and development, product transformation, and product application. Based on professional directions, cooperation between both parties can promote and improve together, and teaching and learning can benefit each other.

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