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IF heating Coil of steel elbow 3LPE anti-corrosion Line

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IF heating Device of steel elbow 3LPE anti-corrosion Line

intermediate frequency heating mechanism of3LPE equipment for anti-corrosion of steel pipe bends.

When the steel elbow passes through the intermediate frequency heating mechanism, adjust the output power and current of the intermediate frequency coil, and supply the intermediate frequency coil through the intermediate frequency water-cooling cable. The current oscillates reversely at the frequency of Hz in the o-coil, so electromagnetic eddy current will be generated in the center of the coil. When the elbow passes through the center of the intermediate frequency coil, eddy current will be generated in the elbow, thus heating the elbow.

The temperature of the intermediate frequency coil increases with the temperature rise of the elbow. The temperature rise of the working element will have an adverse impact on the electromagnetism. Therefore, after the temperature rise, the intermediate frequency coil will be cooled by the intermediate frequency water cooling unit. The intermediate frequency water cooling unit also cools the pure water unit, so that the elbow temperature rises to the melting temperature of epoxy powder in a very short time.

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