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HuaShiDa insulation pipe production line step into delivery season

Company News Responsible editor: Diana Dong Popularity: 1366 October 17,2018

HuaShiDa insulation pipe production line step into delivery season

The vacuum calibration technology and 45 degree angle design were adopted in the extrusion stage to ensure good fluidity and axial stretching of the material in the molding process. The special screw of extruder adopts solid-liquid separation technology and the die of extruder head adopts spiral extrusion, which improves the plasticizing quality of materials. The self-developed forced feeding system and the design of cooling sleeve are strengthened to increase the output by 30%. In the process of design, development and production, Huashida has formed a set of unique optimization and improvement technology. The customers praised and affirmed the use of the equipment of Hua Shi Da.

On the basis of summing up the manufacturing experience of vacuum sizing and insulation pipe production line manufacturers at home and abroad, and the feedback from enterprises purchasing pipe materials around the world, Huashida has launched a new generation of production lines with innovative development. It can be manufactured into 90 production lines, 120 production lines, 150 production lines and 180 production lines respectively; 90 production lines range from 110 mm to 655 mm (pipe outer diameter); 120 production lines range from 400 mm to 1155 mm (pipe outer diameter); 150 production lines range from 760 mm to 1600 mm (pipe outer diameter); 180 production lines can produce 1 380 mm to 2 000 mm (pipe outer diameter). The insulation pipes of different specifications.

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