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The advantages of Huashida 3LPE steel pipe Blasting Machine

Company News Article source: http://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 959 March 25,2022

The advantages of Huashida 3LPE steel pipe external shot blasting and rust removal production line are: automatic on-line of steel pipe, intelligent shot blasting and automatic off-line of steel pipe.

In terms of automatic steel pipe online, it mainly includes: 1. Automatic arrangement of steel pipe on bench; 2. On line steel pipe is automatically on-line; 3. Automatic pipe chasing of head and tail steel pipes; 4. Automatic alarm of pipe chasing error; 5. Steel pipe online safety protection.

In terms of intelligent shot blasting and rust removal, it mainly includes: 1. The equipment is opened and self-locking in sequence; 2. PLC intelligent touch screen control; 3. Shot blasting motor frequency conversion energy saving; 4. Set sand volume according to pipe diameter; 5. Cleaning shot sand by air washing system; 6. Class III dust removal and environmental protection up to standard; 7. Plug type quick change specification.

In terms of automatic off-line of steel pipe, it mainly includes: 1. Automatic off-line of steel pipe; 2. The steel pipe will automatically go offline when it is in place; 3. Automatic arrangement of bench steel pipes; 4. Automatic alarm of offline fault; 5. Safety protection of offline position.

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