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Huashida pre-insulated outer jacket extrusion line has another innovation

Company News Responsible editor: Anna Ji Popularity: 1192 December 21,2018

Old industry uses new technology, Huashida pre-insulated outer  jacket extrusion line has another  innovation.

The design of the vacuum calibration tank of Huashida pre-insulated outer  jacket extrusion line has subverted the previous design. In the old mode, when the pipes of different specifications are produced, the brackets at the bottom of the vacuum tank are changed. Each time a specification is changed, the operator has to climb into the vacuum tank to replace bracket. When the specification is 600mm or less, the space is limited, strong and tall people can't get in. The technicians of Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. took a different approach. The electronic control linkage adjustment device is installed on the outside of the vacuum tank. When the specifications are changed, the adjustment of the brackets of different specifications can be done by simply pressing the operation panel. The installation and dismounting is much more convenient and safety.The improvement is highly praised by our users.

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