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Huashida Electro-fusion Tape Export to Turkey

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Huashida Electro-fusion Tape Export to Turkey

Huashida  Electrio-fusion Tape is mainly made of high quality PE sheet and high temperature combined with nickel-chromium alloy electric heating net. 

Electrothermal fusion pipe fittings for pipe joint connection in prefabricated direct buried insulation pipe construction. Especially the application of heat pipe networks and crude oil pipelines. 

Advantages: high joint strength, high quality HDPE sheet with the same material as the HDPE outer casing of the pipeline is fully fused with the pipe after electric heating, and the sealing effect is good and corrosion resistant.

Turkish customers' width size Electrio-fusion Tape have been loaded in Huashida's workshop well-packed containers and are ready to be sent to their destinations.

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