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Difference HDPE closure heat shrinkable casing from traditional Electro-fusion sleeve

Company News Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 1049 July 16,2021

Difference HDPE closure heat shrinkable casing from traditional HDPE Electro-fusion sleeve for PUF insulation pipeline joint.

Compared with traditional hdpe electro-fusion tape, closure HDPE heat shrinkable sleeve has obvious advantages. The electric melting sleeve is heated by nickel chromium mesh, but the nickel chromium mesh is easy to fall off or break wire, which will lead to adhesion; There is also the problem of voltage gradient due to the distance from the power source, so it is difficult to master the length of welding time. The seamless hot-melt sleeve is baked and welded by flame gun, which is not restricted by the power supply. For field operation, the operation process is greatly simplified. Moreover, the tensile strength and shear force of the seamless hot-melt sleeve are greatly improved due to the irradiation link in the production process. Due to the memory property of irradiation, it will shrink rapidly when it is connected and heated, and stick closely with the main pipe to form a snap, with higher density and better sealing performance.

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