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continue polyurethane insulation pipe production line

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The production range of Huashida's continue polyurethane insulation pipe production line is between φ 32 and φ 426. 

continue polyurethane insulation pipe production line.The advantages are that it is equipped with a full-automatic hydraulic automatic correcting machine with high accuracy, stability and reliability; the pipeline transportation adopts multi roller rubber wheel pressing transmission with stable and straight steel pipe transmission; it can operate continuously with high efficiency, low cost and good economic benefit. In terms of process operation, it has more economic advantages. Materials can be widely used for anticorrosion of steel pipes by epoxy powder and various coatings. The foam can be made of polyester high temperature foam and pitch black foam, the jacket layer is bonded with foam layer, the foam layer is bonded with the anticorrosive coating, and the anticorrosive layer is firmly bonded with the steel pipe. Advanced technology and advanced technology have achieved high-quality heating and insulation pipes.

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