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All for thermal insulation pipe production line clients

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                                    All for thermal insulation pipe production line clients

Early in the morning of May 16, when Qingdao Huashida Machine Co., Ltd. sent debugging engineer Zhang safely arrived in Mongolia,        general manager of Cheng Pipe Road Technology Co., LTD., who spoke highly of Huashida's responsible attitude of doing everything for      customers and doing everything possible to overcome all kinds of difficulties brought by the Covid19.

The 1860 thermal insulation pipe production line purchased by Cheng Steel Pipe is in urgent need of being put into production, which         creates the speed of completing procurement projects, signing contracts and making payments within two days, completing all shipments within five days and delivering the production line to the production site within seven days.

In order to let the insulation pipe production line can be put into production in the shortest time, Huashida chairman, general manager      Huang ensure that "goods arrive with people arrive". So after the production line has smoothly arrived in Mongolia, Huashida immediately decided to let equipment production workshop director Zhang personally debugging. Zhang is an ace debugging engineer, deeply welcomed by our customers. However, the equipment production task is very heavy at this time, once Zhang leaves the post, it will certainly affect the production schedule. But Mr Huang believes that the interests of his customers are Paramount, making it worth sacrificing.

Cheng steel debugging can not delay, Huang Baodong decided to sent car and driver, on the premise of ensuring security, ready to use the time of day and night, early in the morning to Cheng steel tube must be in 16 way, be sure to deliver on the promises of finish insulation pipe production line debugging, make cheng steel tube to produce qualified insulation pipe smoothly in a timely manner. Hence the scene at the beginning of this article.

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