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establishing the gathering area of insulated pipe production line

Company News Article source: www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: diana Popularity: 999 August 12,2022

Recently, Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. welcomed Zhao Guofeng, secretary and director of the Party Working Committee of Huadian Economic Development Zone in Jilin Province, Dong Honghai, deputy director of the Development Zone, Wang Hui, director of the Economic Development Bureau, Huang Baodong, chairman and general manager, and other representatives of Huashida to extend a warm welcome to Zhao Guofeng and others.

It is reported that Zhao Guofeng and his entourage considered visiting Huashida when planning the next development plan of the development zone. Their purpose is to form a technological highland with the first set of key equipment in the development zone based on the core technology of the insulation pipe production line of Huashida, so as to produce siphon effect, guide various elements of thermal support and oil and gas transmission, including the upstream and downstream industrial chains of pipeline production, construction and management, to gather in the Development Zone, and promote the development of local economy. Huang Baodong said that Huashida is mainly an enterprise engaged in the research, development, production and sales of high-end mechanical equipment and polymer materials represented by the vacuum sizing technology insulation pipe production line. In addition to the thermal insulation pipe production line, the main products include 3PE anti-corrosion pipe production line and spray winding production line. It has formed an industrial chain involving three industrial directions of environmental protection, high-end equipment manufacturing and new materials, and two industrial fields of machinery and equipment manufacturing and pipe fittings production.

Huashida has established a technical team with innovative ability and more than 10 external technical experts. It has strong technical support ability in the research and development of insulation pipe production line. Because Huashida has applied four core technologies in the insulation pipe production line, such as solid-liquid phase separation screw, spiral split type head, DCL human-machine dialogue technology and vacuum box external manipulator, among which the innovation points and design concepts are the first or first application in the industry, filling the domestic gap. It is the only production line capable of manufacturing 1880mm super large-diameter insulation pipes in China at present, Therefore, in 2019, it was awarded the honorary title of the first (set) major technical equipment by Shandong Province. Huang Baodong said that Huashida has the conditions for the technical output of the insulation pipe production line, and is willing to carry out in-depth cooperation with Huadian Economic Development Zone, take the core technology of the insulation pipe production line as an important fulcrum for building nests and attracting Phoenix, contribute to the independent production of insulation pipes and the upgrading of technology in Huadian, and contribute to the local economic development. During the inspection, the two sides also further discussed the next implementation details.

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