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Application method of closure hot melt casing of heating pipeline network joints

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The closure fire melt casing produced by Huashida is used for the connection of pipeline of heating pipe networks. The anti-corrosion effect is better, the connection is more firm, and the service life is longer, so as to ensure that the heating pipe network system is safer, more efficient, and operates without leakage.

Judging from the current situation of customers, customers prefer to use seamless hot-melt jackets baked by fire only. This new seamless hot-melt jacket can be solved with a liquefied gas tank in the construction. Only the flame gun is used for baking, and the pipe fittings can be closely connected with the pipeline after shrinkage. An important advantage is that it greatly simplifies the on-site construction conditions and reduces the construction cost. If the traditional open-ended electric heating jacket is used, the construction site must have a power supply or a power supply engineering vehicle. There are strict requirements for current and voltage. At the same time, the lap hot-melt welding process has strict specifications for the skills and welding time of the operating staff.

Other customers use the method of adding special electric heating wire mesh on the basis of heat shrinkage. That is, the nickel chromium electric heating wire mesh shall be laid in advance at the port of the pipeline to be connected. After the hot-melt jacket is shrunk and bonded by the fire, the power supply shall be connected to melt the electric heating wire mesh, so that the connection between the outer wall of the pipeline and the edge of the seamless hot-melt jacket can be added with another layer of safety guarantee, which is safe.

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