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What are the advantages of Huashida steel pipe elbow 3LPE coating line

Company News Article source: https://www.hsdanticorrosion.com Responsible editor: Diana Popularity: 2295 November 05,2021

What are the advantages of Huashida steel pipe elbow 3LPE coating production line? 

At present, Huashida elbow winding 3LPE anti-corrosion coating production line can process pipe diameters between Φ426mm-1220mm, pipe wall thickness between 6-12mm, powder output 500g/min, and application voltage 100KV. The main technological innovations of the products are as follows:

1. Breaking the overall frame structure of the conventional transmission line, a "variable elbow transmission line" with a fixed elbow anti-corrosion center is designed, so that elbows with different elbow diameters, different curvature radii, and different angles can be anti-corrosion on the same production line Operation.

2. Developed precise arc fixation technology, using alloy flaring pusher to enlarge the diameter of the steel pipe, eliminating the internal stress during heating deformation, and then rapidly cooling and tempering, so as to obtain a precise arc pipe, overcoming the existing numerical control equipment The problems of springback, elongation and forming radius cannot be accurately dealt with.

3. Designed a coaxial rotating winding device for radian pipes, using the asynchronous principle of inner and outer rotating shafts and internal expansion and tightening technology to solve the problem of winding with different diameters at the same line speed, and realize continuous, precise and automatic winding.

4. Developed the high-pressure electrostatic spraying technology for the exterior of the arc pipeline to realize the automatic electrostatic spraying process and effectively improve the uniformity of the surface spraying of the steel pipe. The surface coating is light and uniform, with good gloss, and at the same time, the coating has good adhesion, high hardness and good corrosion resistance.

5. Application of fluidized boiling technology to realize automatic control of FBE powder heating and melting, convenient operation, low energy consumption, and stable physical properties.

6. The powder jet technology of the Venturi powder pump is applied to reduce the phenomenon of powder spraying of the powder spray gun and improve the effect of powder spraying. The powder loading rate reaches 90% and the frequency of equipment maintenance is reduced.

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