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The advantages of PUR spray foaming Preinsulated pipe process

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The advantages of PUR spray foaming Preinsulated pipe process


1. Polyurethane foam has uniform density distribution along the axis, radial compressive strength, short flow distance, thermal conductivity and other properties of foam core. The polyethylene sheath is formed by embracing winding, and its tensile strength, embracing elongation and other indicators will be improved.


2. Through spraying technology, the variety can be flexibly changed, the density of polyurethane foam can be adjusted in a large range, and pipes with different diameters and insulation thicknesses can be produced. Polyurethane foam can be sprayed and formed quickly, the thermal conductivity of the insulation layer is low, and the surface of polyurethane foam produced by spraying is rough, which is conducive to bonding with the external protective layer. Since there is no expansion stress during spraying and winding, the polyethylene sheath can be thinned, saving costs.

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