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Cost advantage of one-step PE elbow of PU insulation pipe

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Recently, the one-step PE elbow introduced to the market by Qingdao Huashida Machinery Co., Ltd. has attracted great attention of the pipeline construction enterprises in the industry. Many construction enterprises have already expressed their intention to purchase one-step PE elbow in bulk to Huashida consulting. The main reason why the one-step PE elbow has caused a sensation just when it was put into the market is determined by its cost advantage.

No matter the pipeline construction of oil and gas transportation, heating and water supply, or sewage and drainage, that is to say, in the construction of underground pipe gallery, when the pipeline needs to turn, the elbow is indispensable. In the whole pipeline construction, although the demand for PE elbow is not large, it is very important and plays a role of connecting the past and the future. According to the traditional manufacturing method, the pipes of the same caliber need to be cut in sections according to a certain angle, and then welded one by one to form a complete elbow. Several people may not be able to work together in a day. Therefore, making elbow is a work that needs a lot of manpower, material and financial resources. If the welding technology of workers is not hard or the welding is a little careless, the tensile strength and fracture strength of elbow will be greatly reduced. Such joints are often prone to leakage and corrosion. The result is that the construction enterprise not only has a high construction cost, but also affects the quality of the project and increases the subsequent maintenance cost.

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